Couple Filmed Having Sex on Historic Fountain in Russia [VIDEO]

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A couple was filmed having sex on a historic fountain in Russia, in broad daylight and completely unmindful of the passersby.

The sexual act was done in the middle of a public square in Samara, Russia.

The couple's act lasted for about 15 minutes with the boy lying on the fountain's cement barrier, the girl on top of the boy and both laughing. The video ended when the girl scrambled off the boy and then they both walk away from the fountain still laughing.

The video had since been viral on Russian social media.

The couple was filmed by 26-year-old Aleksey Douhov.

'I guess they were at it for about 15 minutes and nobody did anything, even though it was 11 o'clock in the morning. They were having full-on sex lying in the sun beside the fountain in Leningrad Street and they acted as if it was the most normal thing in the world," Mr Douhov told Metro.

Local police are now looking for the couple. The couple had cast a bad reputation to the city, to Russia and the Russians, according to the police. Once caught, the couple will undergo maximum punishment for their offence.

In November 2009, Australia was tarnished by a similar event when a couple decided to have sex in the clock tower of the 105-year-old Grace Brothers building in Sydney.

"When I started taking photos everyone started to look up, point and laugh. The couple did seem to know they could be seen but were completely unfazed," a witness told The Daily Telegraph at that time.

The crowd then gathered at the foot of the building with some taking pictures.

The picture that circulated across media at that time showed the clock at 3:30 pm.

It was believed that the couple had sex on the roof top out of prank.

A man contacted The Daily Telegraph and claimed he was the man in the photograph. He said he was a student of Sydney University and had just randomly met the young woman he was with that day when they were pictured on the clock tower.

One reader also sent The Daily Telegraph an email saying that the guy was a terrible exhibitionist but was not coming forward to avoid dragging his family into the scandal.

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