Couldn’t Georges St-Pierre Afford to Pay for ACL Surgery? UFC to Cover Expenses Despite Being on an Indefinite Hiatus

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Despite being on an indefinite hiatus off the octagon ring, the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is reportedly going to pay for Georges St-Pierre's surgery after he had suffered a torn anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) while training,  it has been revealed.

In a recent interview with MMA Junkie, UFC President Dana White said that it is their obligation to pay for St-Pierre surgery even though he is not an active fighter. After St-Pierre announced his semi-retirement from UFC following his controversial victory against Johny Hendricks, there had been deliberations whether or not the Canadian mixed martial artist still qualifies for UFC's health insurance policy, the Web site reported. However, White confirmed that although St-Pierre's UFC contract is in a "frozen state," his surgery should still be covered by the health insurance policy.

"We have health insurance for the guys," said White. "It should be covered even if the contract is frozen," added White.

"He's still under contract, he's still a UFC fighter."

White further revealed that he had not spoken to the former welterweight champion ever since he stepped away from the Octagon ring, but he knows how his current injury must be devastating for him.

"Last time he blew his ACL, he was out for a year and two months, so that's no fun for him."

St-Pierre's Manager Rudolphe Beaulieu further verified that the surgery will be paid by UFC.

St-Pierre isn't playing in UFC at the moment, and while it is true that he currently has no source of income right now, it doesn't meant that he had gone broke too. If people will tally up the prize money that St-Pierre had received in the past, he would really have a hefty lot of money to buy and pay for anything.

White can attest to the fact that St-Pierre is very wealthy. White revealed in an interview with Forbes prior to the UFC 167 fight between St-Pierre and Hendricks that the Canadian mixed martial artist has so much wealth. "He's rich, he's very rich," said White.

St-Pierre used to get paid about $5 million-$6 million in every UFC fight, Celebrity Net Worth reported. St-Pierre had so much wealth that he topped the list of the richest mixed martial artists in the world in 2013.


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