Cory Monteith's Band Bonnie Dune Releases Song He Recorded Before His Death

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Cory Monteith's band Bonnie Dune is set to release their debut album seven months after the death of their band member. 

The band's album "Miramar" is set for release today, Feb. 4, on iTunes. It has six tracks, all of which has Monteith's contribution; and one of the tracks, "Maybe Tonight," has its exclusive preview over at E! Online. 

According to the band's vocalist Justin Wilczynski, the band started writing songs for the album some time ago with Monteith on board, but when they stopped recording in May 2013, he left Los Angeles for Vancouver where he eventually died in July. 

He further shared to MTV their plans prior to their drummer's death. 

"We had a lot of plans this summer with Cory [before he died] as far as touring, releasing the EP, but we wanted to make sure we wanted to take our time to process everything and to do it the right way and not try to release something to capitalize on anything."

He then turned to bandmate Joshua Kerr and said, "I don't know about you, but I just always felt like Cory would want us to proceed."

Monteith only got to hear three of the six tracks of the album, including "Maybe Tonight." Wilczynski remembers that when he let the former "Glee" star hear the songs, the latter looked at him and said, "This is amazing, I cannot believe how great it turned out."

Weeks prior to the release of the album, the remaining members of Bonnie Dune are excited to let their fans hear what they have to offer, especially that all of the songs have Monteith's touch in it.

"It was something we were really, really proud of. It was our first recording altogether with Cory because when we first started playing we were playing songs we had wrote before he joined the band," Wilczynski explains. "So this is something that we were all so excited about and I can't wait for people to hear it."

Prior to "Miramar," Bonnie Dune have released a string of tracks, and in 2012 they released an EP entitled "The Lost EP," which has eight songs. 

Preview Bonnie Dune's song "Maybe Tonight" via E! Online.  

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