Is Cory Monteith Gone From The Hit TV Series ‘Glee’? [PHOTOS]

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Can anyone imagine "Glee" without Cory Monteith? Fans will definitely be upset upon hearing that Finn, Cory Monteith's character in the hit TV series, will be missing in action for the first four episodes of the lates season of "Glee." However, Lea Michele has given a hint that Cory Monteith will be having a surprising fate on the show.

Lea Michele, who portrays Rachel, has revealed and assured fans during a recent visit to the New York-looking set that Cory Monteith's character Finn will still appear on "Glee" and his storyline is worth the wait.

"I can say that Cory is fully on the show this year," Lea Michele revealed during a break from the on-set rehearsals.

"And what he will be doing this year is very exciting. His storyline is so cool and so different. You couldn't even ever guess. Honestly! It's like, amazing. So that's something the fans can really look forward to. And people saw the pictures of us filming together in New York City so they won't have to wait too long. When Finn comes back, he's really back and it is great," Michele further shared.

According to reports, at the start of "Glee" season 4, Finn will spend some time in the Army but his stay will apparently be short-lived. "Cory did get an 'Army' haircut," Lea Michele said with a laugh.

"But I think that was Cory just wanting to cut his hair! They said, 'Well you've been out of the Army for a little while.' And he was like. 'I think it should be short on the sides.' He wanted to mix it up," she revealed.

In the exciting new season of "Glee," Rachel will not feel too lonely for long in New York City since there will definitely be an inevitable Finn and Rachel reunion. Meanwhile, there is also Chris Colfer's character Kurt, who will start off the season Lima but will journey to the Big Apple to stay and live with Rachel in a beautiful and roomy loft-style apartment with exposed beams and brick walls.

How exactly can two struggling 18-year olds pay for that kind of space in New York City? Well, the only way to find out is to watch for the new exciting episodes of "Glee" Season 4.

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