Cory Bernardi Harshly Reviewed for New Book by Users Who Refuse Even to Read It

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Cory Bernardi, the Liberal Senator from South Australia, is notorious for being a sexist and Islamophobic Christian. His new book "The Conservative Revolution" is no different from his self-obsessed "traditional values" which even deny climate change. However, this is probably the first occasion for his critics to pay him back in his own coins as they flood Web sites like Amazon with harsh criticism.

His book is an attempt to criticise politically correct ways of dealing with issues which he absolutely disproves of. Mr Bernardi openly complains against step families, single mothers, homosexual couples and abortion. His pseudo-intellectual wrath against these issues in the book received not only harsh criticism but explicit mockery of his work.

Pauline Pantsdown, the political commentator, posted her review of the book on Amazon with the name Simon666. She joked that nobody would actually have enough time to read Mr Bernardi's book. Still, everyone should write a review of the book on Amazon, she said. Ms Pantsdown, however, is not the only one who reviewed the book on Amazon. Everyone is critical about a book which they have apparently not read.

Ausweazl wrote that the book would make an "excellent liner" for the bird cage as s/he loved to see the rainbow parakeets soil Mr Bernardi's head. Charles Esson, on the other hand, wrote that Mr Bernardi looked sad on the cover of the book. The contents of the book, however, are sadder - according to him.

Dorothy Parker wrote that the book should not be lightly tossed aside. The book, on the contrary, should be chucked off with "great force". Bill Kidd thought that Mr Bernardi, as a thinker, could do everything but to think. He added that nobody could actually pick the book up after keeping it down.

Another user referred to Mr Bernardi's earlier comparison of homosexuality with bestiality. The user wrote that it was not possible for a dachshund like him to read any book. However, he sarcastically thanked Mr Bernardi for preventing gay marriage to happen.

Watch Mr Bernardi give his opinion about homosexuality here:

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