Coroner Ruled TV Presenter Died of Heroin Overdose

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The coroner ruled that the sudden death of Peaches Geldof, a UK TV presenter, was caused by heroin overdose.

BBC News said that Geldof was using the drug when the paramedics pronounced her dead on April 7.

She had been using heroin and methadone for 2 years prior to her death, when a police search was conducted they found 6.8 grams of heroin in her house.

"There was no indication she had planned to take her own life," BBC News clarified.

Geldof's husband, musician Tom Cohen, said that his wife had taken weekly drug test even though he now believes his wife has been lying about them.

He also admitted on an inquest, that the TV presenter has been using drugs again since February but just neglected it, since her wife's drug tests came back negative.

Cohen witnessed his wife flushing drugs in the toilet, but he was not aware of the methadone found on their house until the police found them.

Peter Jerreat informed BBC, that the heroin found in Geldof's body was already reached fatal level.

Evidence of other drugs - like codeine, methadone and morphine- were also found in her body. There were also punctured wounds found on her elbows, wrists and thumbs.

Mirror also said that when Geldof died, her son Phaedra was in the same house as his mother's for 17 hours, before her husband found her dead. It said that when her body was found at 1:30 pm, the infant was just in another room

Cohen said that before that fateful day, he had gone to stay with his parents in South East London with his two sons.

He said that Geldof seemed fine when she had spoken to her on the phone on several occasions over the weekend.

According to Mirror, the last time Cohen talked to his wife she was totally coherent, but the day after that, he couldn't get in touch with her so he went to their house, where he found her dead.

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