The 'Copenhagen Wheel': The New Bliss of Cycling

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"Superpedestrian Inc." has invented a new way for cyclists to enjoy biking more easily. The "Copenhagen Wheel" technology promises to help bikers in traversing different road environments, uphill routes, and just any kind of terrain difficulty.

Superpestrian Inc., based in Cambridge Massachusetts, is a company dedicated on the development of new technology for lightweight electric vehicles in sync with online systems. The company was founded by Assaf Biderman, Associate Director at MIT's "SENSEable" City Lab in late 2012. Superpedestrian, in its latest "Copenhagen Wheel" project aims to make biking easier by bringing a physical effort-friendly technology. This, in line with the company's vision "to offer an improved quality of living to everybody", is one of the best contributions it can provide to make riding bikes for commuting, traveling, or just about any good reason a better experience.

Copenhagen Wheel is a wireless pedal assist system attached into any kind of cycling bike. As the name of the technology suggests, the technology is contained in a small red casing attached in the back wheel (overall package), that includes a motor, a removable battery, smart locking, multiple sensors, and an embedded control system. It helps bikers by capturing energy and returns it by giving off an added push 3 to 10 times the regular foot power in harder terrains, up hills (especially up hills), or just anywhere it's needed the most. There are no controls needed for such functions to work, as it will automatically come in handy the moment bikers start pedaling and braking.

More than just an added boost to such terrains, it also records the bikers' daily riding patterns, environment, calories burned, distance, climbed elevation, and more related user statistics. All of the information stored can also be shared via its App among other Copenhagen Wheel users as well.

Users can also have total control of the Wheel by adjusting the provided assistance via the Superpedestrian App in any iOS or Android smartphones. Smart phones attached in the bikes handle bars can be connected to the red Wheel via Bluetooth.

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The price for Copenhagen wheel is now at $799. For technical specifications and more information about the company, details can be viewed in their official Web site or official Facebook page. Other Posts About Technology:

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