Cook Islands Supports Air NZ Sultry Inflight Video ‘Safety in Paradise’ (Videos)

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Air New Zealand has finally released to the viewing public its latest inflight video "Safety in Paradise" featuring a bevy of scantily clad swimsuit models frolicking the beach shores of Cook Islands. The island's tourism authorities were highly appreciative of the material.

Graeme West, Cook Islands Tourism Corporation's general manager, said he's excited over the international exposure the islands will receive.

Air NZ's latest inflight safety video featured four Sports Illustrated models along with Christie Brinkley, one of the world's first supermodels. Instead of the traditional flight attendants, they were the ones pointing out how to use the airplane's safety features. Cook Islands locals were also featured, garbed in their traditional outfits.

Mr West said he found the video was filmed in a tasteful and fun manner.

"It's not just about the international models, although they definitely add glamour," he was quoted by the Herald Sun. "The spectacular scenic shots of Aitutaki are also show-stoppers."

The video's ending likewise highlighted the swimsuit models joining in a cultural dance.

On Friday, Air NZ released a preview of the inflight safety video. As expected, feminists blasted the material, saying it objectified women.

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On the defense, Air NZ pointed out the video likewise highlighted the beauty of Cook Islands. It was just "entirely appropriate" that those included in the video wear bikinis.

"The behind the scenes video has generated much conversation around the world about our brand and the Cook Islands as a destination since it was released last week. It's exciting for us to release the full video today and we hope it will encourage many viewers to consider a trip to the Cook Islands," Jodi Williams, Air New Zealand's Head of Global Brand Development, said.

Air NZ's latest inflight safety video was made in partnership with Sports Illustrated which is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year.

Curious of "Safety in Paradise"? Watch it here:

(Video source: YouTube/Air New Zealand)

Air NZ is actually known for its fun, quirky and out of the box inflight safety videos. They are produced not only to remind the passengers' safety during flight but also as a tool to market not only its services but also its destinations.

"As a small airline at the bottom of the world, we have to think outside the square when it comes to driving brand awareness and conveying important safety messages to our millions of customers," Ms Williams said.

Some of Air NZ's more recent inflight safety videos below:

(Video source: YouTube/Air New Zealand)

(Video source: YouTube/Air New Zealand)

(Video source: YouTube/Air New Zealand)

(Video source: YouTube/Air New Zealand)

(Video source: YouTube/Air New Zealand)

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