Convicted ‘Hot Mugshot Guy’ Jeremy Meeks May Become a Model and Earn $30k per Month

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Stockton Police Department Photo of Jeremy Meeks, Arrested in a Gang Crackdown in a Crime-Ridden Area of Stockton
Stockton Police Department photo shows Jeremy Meeks, 30, arrested on June 18, 2014 in a gang crackdown in a crime-ridden area of Stockton, California. The mugshot of Meeks, a convicted felon, went viral on a police Facebook page this week, making him an instant celebrity with Web users who have called him "handsome" and clicked "like" on his picture more than 64,000 times. REUTERS

After winning the hearts of thousands of ladies online, the convict Jeremy Meeks, also known as the Hot Mugshot guy, has reportedly caught the attention of a modeling agency in the U.S. The convict may have a job waiting for him upon his release.

According to a report by TMZ, the modeling agency Blaze Modelz has expressed interest in hiring Jeremy Meeks as a model. The job may entail a salary package of up to $30,000 per month. The online popularity of the convict as the Hot Mugshot Guy may be capitalised by eager companies who wish to make a quick buck.

Jeremy Meeks shot to online fame for his looks when the Stockton police department posted a picture of him on its Facebook page. The image quickly went viral with thousands of likes and shares online. His wife is reportedly not happy with all the online attention he is getting.

Jeremy Meeks was arrested by the Stockton Police Department in a cooperative raid involving multiple agencies. The raid was in response to a recent increase in shootings in the Weston Ranch area.

Jeremy Meeks was arrested for a serious weapons charge and will need about $900,000 as bail money to get out of prison. He is a convicted felon who has previously served 2 years for grand theft.

Some people who have taken a fancy to the convict are wondering if he can be released early. But many have also commented online that the law should not show any leniency towards him just because of his good looks.

Jeremy Meeks has tattoos around his neck as well as a tear drop-shaped tattoo under his left eye. The tattoos may have also contributed to the appeal of the photo, but the most striking feature in the photo, for many admirers, is his piercing eyes.

Jeremy Meeks has reportedly said he is appreciative of all the attention he got on social media and wanted to tell people he is innocent.

Will the possible new job offer turn his life around? Many are wondering if he will make a transition from The Hot Mugshot Guy to a glamorous model.

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