Convicted Drug Trafficker Schapelle Corby Granted Parole From Indonesian Prison

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Convicted drug trafficker Schapelle Corby has been granted parole, nine years after she was jailed in Indonesia. However, the 36-year-old Australian wouldn’t be able to go home yet, and has to wait until 2017 before she can fly to Australia.

In 2005, Ms Corby was convicted of carrying 4.1 kilos of marijuana in Bali. She denied that the drugs were hers, claiming they were planted in her body board bag by a criminal gang operated at an Australian airport.

She was sentenced to be jailed for 20 years.

Justice Minister Amir Syamsuddin told the press in Jakarta that he has granted Ms Corby’s parole, which was one of the 1291 applications that he had processed in three days.

“Corby has been approved to receive parole because (she) has fulfilled the substantive and administrative requirements set by ministry regulation number 21 of year 2013,” he was quoted by as saying.

Because her parole was announced so late on a Friday afternoon, Ms Corby would have to until next week until her paperwork gets completed for her release.

Ms Corby’s sentence was cut to 15 years in 2005, but was brought back to 20 years as the original ruling was declared accurate and correct.

In 2010, she begged for clemency due to her mental illness, claiming her life was at risk. In 2012, her sentence was slashed by five years.

Under her parole conditions, Ms Corby must remain in Bali until her sentence expires in 2016. She must then stay one more year under supervision, which means it would be 2017 before she can go home to her home in Gold Coast.

She is expected to live with her sister Mercedes in Kuta, Southern Bali until then. Mercedes’ husband and Ms Corby’s brother-in-law, Wayan Widyartha, is her parole guarantor.

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