Controversy Hits Miss Australia as 2011 Miss Universe Pageant Night Nears

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Australia's Miss Universe 2011 candidate, Scherri-Lee Biggs gets her share of intrigue in the most-awaited beauty pageant of the year.

The 21-year old Aussie has been one of the candidates chided for wardrobe mishaps several times during pageant rehearsals and events.

According to a report, Biggs has been told that her evening gown made of satin is "offensively see through." Her bikini was also described as "way too sexy."

She has also been ordered to cover up by making her bikini bottoms wider. The pageant organizers wanted to make sure that her skimpy outfit still manages to cover what should necessarily be kept from plain sight as she sashays her way before millions of viewers.

Aside from Biggs, other candidates have been feeling the heat as well.

Miss Colombia, Catalina Robayo, has been given the warning - "Don't forget your underwear" -  by the Miss Universe staff. She has been reprimanded for showing up in super mini-skirts without underpants on.

"It's upsetting too many people," she was told.

Too Excited to Sulk

Biggs has been able keep a positive attitude to counter any pageant tension. She exclaims, "I'm super-excited about the final and just having heaps of fun with all the girls at rehearsals."

"Keep your fingers crossed for me Australia!"

The Miss Universe has always promoted conservative ideals for its pageant and contestants. But the organisers of this year's pageant have set strict fashion rules, elaborates the report. This meant instructing the official swimsuit sponsor to make bikini bottoms larger to meet strict wardrobe requirements.

"I do think it's a bit silly Scherri may have to alter her dress as it covered a lot more than the bikini," said Kooey designer Nikki Silverthorne, who designed Biggs' costume.

Spotlight on Biggs

Scherri-Lee Biggs was crowned Miss Universe Australia early this July, beating 30 other contestants during the pageant held at the Sofitel Hotel in Melbourne.

The beauty with a "million-dollar smile" is a model, Communications student, and an aspiring painter from Perth.  

Biggs confessed that she was in a state of shock after hearing her name and receiving the title.

"It hasn't hit, I am absolutely shocked but can't wait to represent Australia," she said.

One moment that must have impressed the judges and the crowd was her remark on child beauty pageants, "children should be children."

Comments on the Australian representative have been all glorious, as published in the Herald Sun.

"Scherri was a stand-out", Frank said.

"She was poised and elegant."

Judges were looking for the "whole Aussie package".

"We want the girl next door, the fit, sexy and happy Aussie," Miss Universe Australia national director Deborah Miller said before the announcement.

"We need someone who will compete in the International final. This year we are touted to win after doing so well in the past couple of years."

Scherri-Lee Biggs will have the honor of representing Australia in the 2011 Miss Universe to be held on September 12 at 9PM (ET) in Sao Paulo, Brazil.


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