Controversies Before the Miss World 2013 Coronation? [PHOTOS/VIDEOS]

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Megan Young, the statuesque beauty, has been receiving great reviews from the international press and has been scoring well in the competition. However, with only a few hours before the coronation night, Miss Young is facing controversy for posing "nude" in a men's magazine in 2012.

Young has outdone nine other finalists in the competition, which involved walking down the runway wearing a dress by an Indonesian designer. Olivia Jordan of the United States ranked second, with the rest of the winners coming from France, Ukraine and Brazil.

  •  The Philippines' Megan Young won in the Miss World Top Model competition, organizers of the pageant announced a day before the coronation night on Saturday (September 28).
  •  Won awards in the Beach Fashion competition, where she ranked fifth
  •  In the multimedia contest, where she finished in fourth place.
  •  have been selected to perform a dance number from their respective countries during the pageant's "Dances of the World" segment tonight
  •  She ranked secondin the Miss World people's choice race after Maroua Kharbouch of Gibraltar. The winner of this contest, which is determined by online votes, will go straight to the finals of the Miss World coronation night.

Apparently Rogue Magazine is not trying to exhibit her as immoral, but depicting Megan as classy, lively and embracing womanhood. Above all, Rogue has branded itself as "Philippines' only literary luxury magazine covering art, culture, fashion, interiors, and controversial general-interest topics". The topless pictures of Megan can be seen here.

What started angry outburst with this whole topic was when a mysterious person posted this on the comment section International's Business Time's article:

"Beauty queen is somebody that is a good role model inside and out and obviously is a beautiful person. It's not just about exterior beauty; a beauty queen has to have outstanding morals, elegance, femininity and class. And that's what everybody thinks it is. Beauty queens should be seen as role models not sex object." 

"@nidsnid And So? You keep on tweeting the same article. Loser! You just want Miss P. to be disqualified!,"

"@nidsnid is that topless? How do u define a topless photo?"

Since it is an open forum for discussion, we have a counter reaction to that. Just because a woman decided to wear a swimsuit does not mean that she lacks morals. So as a message to pessimist haters, there is nothing that's going to stop Megan Young from malicious words. The Philippines has faced and survived many catastrophes before and its people have endurance and power to overcome such trivial stances.

Final words on the facebook from Magan Young:

"Tonight is the night. I am so overwhelmed by the support I have been receiving. THANK YOU for joining me every step of the way. I'm happy I was able to inspire many people in this journey... Whatever happens, I hope I made a positive impact on your lives! Cheers! For the Philippines and for the WORLD!"


So all the best to the Philippines and Megan Young!


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