Controversial Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Apologises after Coming Back from Rehab

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Toronto Mayor Ford holds a baby as he attends the CHIN International Picnic in Toronto
Toronto Mayor Rob Ford holds a baby as he attends the CHIN International Picnic, on his first day back in public since returning from a rehabilitation clinic for substance abuse problems in Toronto, July 1, 2014. Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, who shot to prominence last year after admitting to smoking crack, buying illegal drugs and driving after drinking, insisted for months he did not have a problem. But last month he said he would take time off to deal with his drinking issues in rehabilitation and has now returned to office. REUTERS/Mark Blinch

Controversial Canada politician Rob Ford called himself his "own worst enemy" when he is under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

The Toronto mayor returned to his office after spending a couple of months in rehab. However, he considers himself to be a changed person. He gave a speech at City Hall on Monday upon his return from rehab. He said that he felt humiliated, embarrassed and ashamed of some of things he had said under the influence of drugs and alcohol. "I was wrong, and I have no one to blame but myself," said the "changed" politician.

Ford's apology may come as a surprise for those who have only seen the controversial side of his persona so far. Ford had always maintained his strong denial of every offence he was accused of. Even after a video footage in 2013 showed him use crack cocaine, Ford vehemently claimed that he had been falsely accused of such offences. It was only after police had claimed obtaining the concerned video footage that Ford admitted that it was true. He said that he had committed everything in a "drunken stupor."

The 45-year-old Canadian had been a city councillor before he became the 64th mayor of Toronto. He refused to go to rehab or step down from his responsibilities even though there was uproar on the international level. He eventually agreed to go to rehab in May 2014.

Ford was openly ridiculed all over the world. Even Jimmy Kimmel made fun of the mayor when he appeared on Kimmel's show as a guest. Even after Ford's return from rehab, Kimmel announced the come back on his show with a meaningful smile on his face. Kimmel said that he had "missed that sweaty, pink man" Kimmel compared himself with the little girl in Frosty the Snowman when Frosty came back to life.

Ford, however, now admitted that he had convinced himself that it was not a problem to get engaged in substance abuse. He has apparently realised how negatively his lifestyle influenced his health, family and job.

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