Controversial Ending to Clippers-Thunder Game Prompts ‘NBA is Fixed’, ‘NBA is Rigged’ Memes, Social Media to Explode

Game 5: Los Angeles Clippers 104, Oklahoma City Thunder 105


Even before Game 5 of the Los Angeles Clippers-Oklahoma City game ended, most NBA fans in various forum, social media—Facebook and Twitter were saying that the “fix is in” as the Thunder came roaring back into the game with a series of bad calls from the referees.

The Clippers had a 7-point lead (104-97) with 49 seconds to go but lost it and the game, 105-104 and social media exploded criticizing the league and the refs.

0:49 - Kevin Durant makes 27-foot three point jumper (LAC 104, OKC 100) 0:22 - Jamal Crawford misses layup 0:21 - Russell Westbrook defensive rebound 0:17 - Kevin Durant makes layup (LAC 104, OKC 102) 0:13 - Chris Paul bad pass (Russell Westbrook steals) 0:06 - Chris Paul shooting foul (Russell Westbrook draws the foul) 0:06 - Russell Westbrook makes free throw 1 of 3 (LAC 104, OKC 103) 0:06 - Russell Westbrook makes free throw 2 of 3 (LAC 104, OKC 104) 0:06 - Russell Westbrook makes free throw 3 of 3 (LAC 104, OKC 105) 0:06 - Clippers Full timeout 0:00 - Chris Paul lost ball turnover (Reggie Jackson steals) (LAC 104, OKC 105) 0:00 - End of the 4th Quarter (LAC 104, OKC 105 FINAL)

The questionable calls came after the Russell Westbrook steal at the 13-second mark when Reggie Jackson drove to the basket and the ball went out of bounds. Replays showed the ball was off Jackson but possession was given to the Thunder.

In the ensuing possession after bad call, Wesbtrook attempted an ill-advised long three-pointer but Paul was called for a foul. Replays showed not much contact and Doc Rivers was seen livid on the sidelines after the back-to-back calls against his squad.

Westbrook made all three free throws to give OKC the 105-104 lead but NBA fans everywhere were disgusted saying the referees handed the Thunder the game.

A meme that summarized the entire NBA landscape’s opinion on Tuesday night:

From the players, former and current:

From Bill Simmons, a popular NBA writer and broadcaster from ESPN:

Some more from the NBA media:

And some more from various fans

Rivers reflected what every fan observed about the game saying "they got robbed because of the that call."

Do you agree with Rivers? Is the NBA rigged? Write in your opinions on the matter in the comments section.

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