Controversial Canadian Politician Rob Ford, Who Offered Guests to Have Sex with Own Wife, Confirmed in Rehab

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A mock "missing persons" poster with a picture of Toronto Mayor Ford is seen in Toronto
A mock "missing persons" poster with a picture of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is seen in Toronto, May 7, 2014. Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, who said last month he would take time off to get treatment for an alcohol problem, described rehab as "amazing" and said he would return in time for the upcoming city election, a Toronto newspaper reported on Wednesday. Ford gained global notoriety last year after he admitted he had smoked crack, bought illegal drugs and driven after drinking, but refused to step down or seek treatment. REUTERS/Mark Blinch

Controversial Canadian politician Rob Ford has been confirmed to be in rehab for a residential treatment programme for substance abuse.

The confirmation comes from CBC News which claimed that it talked with a doctor who is in charge of Ford's care at the rehab. The rehab is reportedly in North America and Ford has been there for about a week now. The doctor said that Ford arrived at the clinic on May 1. He left the clinic on May 3 after he had gone through a medical test. He was admitted in a hospital for four days and then returned to the rehab again on May 7. According to the doctor who preferred not to disclose his name, the Toronto mayor received "concurrent care" with the treatment facility.

The confirmation re-established the speculations that which made rounds after it had been disclosed that he did not go to the United States the previous week. Ford's brother Doug earlier claimed that he had "proof" that the politician was in rehab. The councillor, on the other hand, never produced the official statement which he had promised to be offering to the reporters. Huffington Post reported that the mayor's brother said that he wanted to "stop the speculation to let the people of Toronto know that Rob is taking this seriously, is getting treatment and that he wants to continue coming back and serving the people."

The Toronto mayor has always been quite controversial and attracted enough media attention. He had reportedly offered guests an opportunity to have sex with his wife. The report, published by Toronto Star, revealed the mayor's dark sides as he was heard taunting his wife by telling his friends to have sex with her. "You can f-k her if you want, in front of me ... she lets me f-k girls in front of her all the time," Ford said about his wife Renata. The comment apparently came after she called him "a f-ing idiot."

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