"Constantine" Takes 'Hellblazer' Comics Into NBC's TV Series, Matt Ryan Gives Justice To John Constantine

John Constantine is back!
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John Constantine is back!

DC's famous demon hunter is taking his demon hunting skills to television. NBC has released its first trailer for the "Hellblazer" adaptation entitled "Constantine." The series follows John Constantine's battle against a hidden evil uprising up in the human world.

The first trailer introduces viewers to John Constantine, played by Welsh actor Matt Ryan ("Criminal Minds"). Constantine is a demon hunter and master of all things paranormal. His determination to live his life of helping others behind ended when he meets Liv, played by Lucy Griffiths ("True Blood"). Liv is a young woman who is targeted by demons and she also happens to be the daughter of one of Constantine's oldest friends. She and Constantine become demon-hunting partners as Liv also has the second sight to see evil spirits and demons surrounding the human world.

Viewers also get a peek at former "Lost" star Harold Perrineau who plays the role of Manny, an angel assigned with the task of watching over Constantine, and other demon businesses while Constantine tries to help Liv understand her developing second sight.

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The "Constantine" trailer, which runs just over three minutes, also gives viewers a glimpse of the dark theme in the series.

According to The Verge, the series looks to be creepy, terrifying and even a little funny, with impressive special effects for a TV show.

Meanwhile, MTV said NBC couldn't have picked a better actor to portray John Constantine. Matt Ryan more or less resembles the spitting image of his comic book counterpart, from the sleek five o'clock shadow to the messy blonde hair. Not to mention the loosened tie and the trench coat (see "Hellblazer's "Constantine" photo). Most important of all, Matt Ryan is Welsh, a significant contribution to the accent that characterizes the character in the comic books (see photo of Matt Ryan as "Constantine").

Likewise, Screencrush acknowledged NBC's choice to stay true to the original material compared to the 2005 "Constantine" movie starring Keanu Reeves. Fans of DC's "Hellblazer" should be thrilled that their favourite character is well represented.

"Constantine" will premiere its horror this fall on Friday nights, back to back with "Grimm". Neil Marshall ("The Descent") directs the pilot episode with writers Daniel Cerone ("The Mentalist") and DC's David S. Goyer.

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