Conspiracy Theory: MH17 Actually the Lost MH370, Ukraine Wreckage 'Not MH17'

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Malaysia Airlines MH17: Vital Black Boxes Finally Land in Hands of Malaysian Authorities, Rebels Announce Ceasefire (PHOTOS/VIDEOS)
A member of the Ukrainian Emergencies Ministry walks near parts of the wreckage at a crash site of the Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 near the village of Hrabove (Grabovo), Donetsk region July 21, 2014. REUTERS/Maxim Zmeyev (UKRAINE - Tags: DISASTER POLITICS TRANSPORT) REUTERS/Maxim Zmeyev

The recent and tragic crash of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 that killed 298 people may have filled the news along with the other aircraft fatalities of TransAsia and Air Algerie but no one has forgotten about the mysterious disappearance of MH370.

Several conspiracy theories have already surfaced in social media. Although some were impossible and outrageous, others have become so believable that they have been shared countless times on social media feeds.

Since the crash of Malaysia Airlines MH17, one conspiracy theory began circulating with the eye-catching headline - "MH17 was in fact the 'lost' flight MH370." The individual/s behind the theory believes that the missing MH370 was actually the MH17.

The aircraft was shot down when it was flying over Ukraine on July 17 and crashed with no survivors. According to the viral MH17 conspiracy account, MH370 was "hijacked" before it disappeared from radar. The hijackers may have safely landed the plane somewhere.

U.S. military base Diego Garcia is allegedly within reach from the spot where MH370 lost contact with ground control. Phillip Wood, one of the passengers of MH370, had reportedly sent a photo taken by his iPhone which he hid from hijackers. The metadata on the image revealed Diego Garcia as his location.    

The "MH17 was actually the lost MH370" theory also blamed the U.S. Secret Service since they have the ability to take control of the MH370 plane and set up a "false flag operation."

After news of the MH17 aircraft broke, Russia had lost support and credibility because of the U.S. propaganda.

Conspiracy theorists claimed that the crashed plane wreckage in Ukraine had a different configuration of windows than the actual MH17. The MH17 plane had an extra window found next to the second right-side door. Both the wreckage in Ukraine and MH370 did not have the extra window as supposedly found on the MH17 plane.

Another "proof" claimed by conspiracy theorists is the window matching the flag on MH370. Conspiracy theorists believe the same feature is found on the wreckage in Ukraine and not in the actual MH17 plane.

According to independent journalist Jim Stone, the MH370 plane was new and never repainted. He said the plane that was shot down on Ukraine was MH370 and not MH17 based on the way how the flag is positioned on both planes.

According to reports, a rebel leader had described the bodies found in the Ukraine wreckage as "rotten corpses" and "drained of blood." The pro-Russia rebel commander has suggested that many of the people inside the plane have "died days before the plane took off." People who were allegedly at the crash site reported seeing bodies that were already "decomposing".

As the wreckage of MH370 remains undiscovered, more and more conspiracy theories have gone viral in social media. Only time can tell which one of them is the closest thing to the truth.  

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