Connor Cruise Declares Love For Mum Nicole Kidman: Our Relationship Is Solid

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Connor Cruise’s relationship with mum Nicole Kidman is “solid,” Tom Cruise’s only son declared, disproving rumours that he is estranged with the Australian actress.

Connor and his older sister Isabella Cruise sided with their father after Nicole and Tom divorced in 2001. According to persistent reports, Connor and Isabella have a strained relationship with her because their ties to Church of Scientology prevent them from getting close to her.

However, speaking publicly for the first time about his adoptive mum, Connor refuted the rumours, calling their relationship “solid.”

“I love my mum,” the 19-year-old DJ told Woman’s Day in an exclusive interview.

“I don’t care what people say, I know that me and mum are solid. I love her a lot. My family means everything. Yeah, I love my music, but the family comes before everything else.”

Connor was recently in Australia, Nicole’s home country and which he calls his “second home.” While he resides in Los Angeles, Nicole lives in Nashville with second husband Keith Urban and their two daughters, Sunday Rose and Faith Margaret.

Nicole’s relationship with her adopted children has been a favourite tabloid fodder over the years. Her divorce settlement with Tom reportedly included giving up custody of their kids.

Also, according to several people previously associated with Scientology, members are forbidden to associate with those who left the controversial religion. Both Connor and Isabella have been raised as Scientologists, and with their mum a former member of the church, it was rumoured that they were told not to have constant communication with her.

In 2007, Nicole revealed that Connor and Isabella didn’t call her mummy anymore.

“The call me Nicole, which I hate and tell them off for it,” GMTV quoted her as saying.

In 2012, the usually private Isabella opened up about Nicole, also refuting their alleged strained relationship.

“I love mum,” she told “She’s my mum. She’s great. I see her sometimes [in Nashville] and I speak to her.”

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