The Conjuring: Real Annabelle Doll in Lorraine and Ed Warren Occult Museum, Memes Made to Laugh Off Fears [PHOTOS, VIDEOS]

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"The Conjuring" was not a huge hit in Australia, but globally, the film continues to terrify viewers. The Annabelle doll and the true life story of "demonologists" Lorraine and Ed Warren are some of the top favourite reading subject in social media sites today. Meanwhile, some netizens who were terrified by the film spread memes to manage the post-viewing fright. Take a look at the doll photos and film-inspired memes here.

"One does not simply watch 'The Conjuring' alone," says one meme. A recent addition to the meme collection includes a text message inviting the reader for a game of "Hide and Clap." (Check out the slideshow for the memes and photos.)

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Director James Wan is receiving lots of positive reviews for The Conjuring. On, Wan's previous horror film "Insidious" got a 66% rating. But 'Conjuring' has registered an 86% fresh rating. One of the strongest elements in the movie is timing. There is no overselling, no rush to scare. But everything works out in horrifying harmony. The Annabelle doll is perceived to be among the elements that made the latter more effective and terrifying. (See photos in the accompanying slideshow.) Here's a YouTube video of the true to life scary doll posted by VirtualInsanity15:

"(W)e toured the haunted Occult Museum which houses the feared Annabelle Doll among many other strange relics they have collected over the years," writes YouTube user Bearfort Paranormal, who toured The Conjuring Occult Museum in Connecticut in 2012. See the video here:

The Conjuring opened in Australian cinemas a month ago. It was not a big hit as horror films do not typically attract the Aussies' attention. In the U.S. however, the popular horror film drew US$ 41.9 million in ticket sales during its opening weekend.

Start the Slideshow for memes and photos related to The Conjuring.

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