A Complete Comparison Between Surface Pro 3 and Surface Pro 2

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Microsoft has launched the Surface Pro 3, successor to Surface Pro 2 and promises to be lighter, faster and stronger.

The Surface Pro 3 has been updated with features of its predecessors from the design, through internals, to the screen and input methods.  

Many of the core ideas of the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 are taken from the Surface Pro 2. Both the tablets have an integrated kickstand and both include an active pen stylus offering storage options between 64GB and 512GB. But the Pro 3 is a device that can provide features of both laptop and a tablet.           


1.      Screen

The new Surface Pro 3 has a larger screen as compared to the Surface Pro 2. It has a 12.1 inch screen and Pro 2 has 10.6 inch display. With a larger screen, Surface Pro 3 is convincingly comfortable and can be treated as an Ultrabook-style device. It is also feasible as a laptop replacer with the screen size.

For a larger tablet, obviously, the display ratio will also change. Microsoft has updated the aspect ratio of the display from 16:9 to 3:2 ratio screen - providing more space to the keyboard.

2.      Display Resolution

Microsoft has improved the resolution of its new model. The Surface Pro 2's screen has 1080p in resolution and 208ppi density. Whereas, the new Surface model has a 2160 x1440 pixel display, giving pixel density of 214.5ppi. As it offers a higher density and larger display, the sharpness of the screen remains content.

3.      Weight Efficiency

The Surface Pro 3 weighs 800g, much lighter than the Surface Pro 2, though being larger and bigger. It does not include a fan so the internals are not jammed or overflowing. The dimension of the new series is 9.1mm thick and a bit cut down on the screen bezels and the older one shares 13.5mm thickness.

4.      Loud Speakers

Loud Speakers are often avoided in tablets and laptops thinking there is less importance to such a feature when providing other great features. Here, Microsoft thinks the other way and has worked on its sound system as well. The Surface Pro 3 has speakers which are 45 percent louder than any of its last models.

5.      Battery Life  

Microsoft claims that it will offer up to 20 per cent better life than any Surface tablet till date. Surface Pro 3 can last up to 9 hours officially, whereas Surface Pro 2 lasts for around 7 hours.

6.      Processor

The Surface Pro 2 uses an Intel Core 15-4200U chip whereas the Pro 3 uses the Core i7 CPU making it more powerful.

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