Commonwealth Games 2014: John Barrowman’s Gay Kiss Causes Controversy [VIDEO]

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2014 Commonwealth Games
A performer jumps in kangaroo boots during the opening ceremony for the 2014 Commonwealth Games at Celtic Park in Glasgow, Scotland, July 23, 2014. REUTERS/Jim Young REUTERS/Jim Young

John Barrowman’s gay kiss at the Commonwealth Games 2014 opening ceremony has got everyone talking.

On Wednesday, the former “Torchwood” star and comedienne Karen Dunbar opened the multi-sport event with the song “Welcome to Scotland” in Glasgow.

The performance itself has divided viewers, who either thought that it was fun or just meh.

However, it was Barrowman’s kissing of another male dancer that was controversial.

As part of the opening act, Barrowman entered the scene and quickly kissed a male “bride” on the mouth before holding him by the hand to a mock Gretna Green stage.

Watch it here:

The same-sex kiss is viewed as a politically motivated act that deftly shows Barrowman’s support of gay marriage, which remains illegal in 42 out of 53 Commonwealth countries.

There are 71 nations participating at the current 2014 Commonwealth Games.

Viewers have praised the actor and the event’s organisers for championing homosexuality in that brief act. Some noted that the kiss and the choice of hosts – Barroman and Dunbar, who are both openly gay – were clear statements that homophobia has no place in the country.

Others were not so impressed with Barrowman’s opening number, though it’s unclear if it’s because of the gay kiss. Even without the kiss, the production, according to some reviews, just fell flat.

Barrowman didn’t mind. He retweeted some of the negative feedbacks he got, saying that he just doesn’t care.

The 2014 Commonwealth Games opened July 23 and will conclude on August 3.

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