Commonwealth Games 2014: Australia Makes Clean Sweep in 100m Freestyle in Swimming Finals, Bags More Medals

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Australia's gold medallist Mitch Larkin (C), silver medallist Josh Beaver (L) and bronze medallist Matson Lawson pose with their medals in the men's 200m Backstroke at the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, Scotland, July 28, 2014. REUTERS/Jim
The smiles are about to fade as the Kangaroos will most probably finish second at the medals table in 24 years. REUTERS/Jim Young REUTERS

Australia reached the top in the 100m freestyle final on Monday morning at the Commonwealth Games 2014, winning the gold, silver and bronze medals in a dominant display in the pool.

Cate and Bronte Campbell became the first sisters to take gold and silver in the same Commonwealth Games swimming event. Cate Campbell edged out her sister Bronte and won the gold medal while Emma McKeon finished third to complete the all-Australian podium.

Cate Campbell, the 22-year old topped the Commonwealth Games record set by Bronte with a time of 52.68 seconds. Cate was ahead in the first 50 metres of world record speed but was almost defeated by her sister, who made a personal best in the 100m freestyle just 0.18 seconds behind.

James Magnussen, another Aussie defeated fellow Australian Cam McEvoy and won the gold in the 100 metre freestyle, while Tommaso D'Orsogna managed to bring home the bronze and completed the clean sweep of the podium for the Australians.

In another golden display, Michael Shelley won the men's 26.2-mile marathon on day four of the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow. Last 2010 Commonwealth Games in India, Shelley won a silver medal in marathon.

This 30-year-old runner snatched the title with an impressive time of 2:11.15, defeating Kenya's defending champion John Ekiru Kelai.

"It is starting to sink in now," Shelley said via CNN. "I dug deep and I was hoping I wouldn't blow-up like I have done in the past."

"It was still head down [despite building a 100-metre lead], don't think about it too much because anything could happen".

Also, an Australian runner named Jess Trengrove won the bronze medal by completing third in the women's marathon while in the women's long jump, another Aussie Jodi Elkington secured the title.

Australia made it to the top of the medal tally at the Commonwealth Games 2014, overtaking England in with a tally of 30 gold, 25 silver and 32 bronze.

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