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Rare Metals Shortage Could Halt Advances in Technology, Say Scientists

Dec 07, 2013

There is no substitute for metals used in devices such as smartphones and tablet computers, scientists say.


Shale Gas Fracking: US Moves Ahead of Russia in Oil and Gas Output

Oct 03, 2013

The oil and natural gas output in the US in July was equivalent of about 22 million barrels per day, compared with Russia's forecast of 21.8 million barrels a day.


Australian Pride: Meet Aussie Chef Who Tops Pizza World Championships

Apr 24

Australia has grabbed the crown for the world's best pizza from Italy which has been long known for a yummy gourmet.


How Free Roaming is Your Chicken? Ethical-conscious Consumers Deceived!

Jul 10, 2013

Court found Steggles branded chickens – Baiada Poultry and Barter Enterprises, Australian Chicken Meat Federation deceiving consumers


Gold Swoons as Inflation-Hedge Demand Fizzles After FOMC

Jun 21, 2013

Commodity prices are under heavy pressure amid broad-based risk aversion ahead of the opening bell on Wall Street as markets ...

Phil Flynn

By Price Futures Group

The Energy Report - Changes

Oil prices pull back on a report by the International Energy Agency and a report by Genscape about a...

Phil Flynn

By Price Futures Group

The Energy Report - Commodities Are Rocking!

Oil demand is surging and commodities are on a tear as Ben Benananke helps add into a buying frenzy.

Marc Nemenoff

By Price Futures Group

The Nemenoff Report Bonds Lower, S&P's higher, Silver Higher

Sept. Bonds are currently 2 lower at 133'14 and the 10 Yr. Note 2 higher at 125'11.

Phil Flynn

By Price Futures Group

The Energy Report - Train Wrecks Jobs and Egypt

The Oil market has had more than its share to contend with as turmoil in Egypt and a devastating tra...


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