Comic Book Writer Robert Kirkman Claims ‘The Walking Dead’ Needs Luck for Season 7: Bad News?

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Fans, at this point of time, cannot think about "The Walking Dead" wrapping things up for good. In the "The Walking Dead" comic book Issue # 126, a fan wrote in the letter column that comic book writer Robert Kirkman should not drag the TV show and end it by Season 7 or Season 8.

"Just because something goes a long time doesn't mean it's being milked. We'll be lucky to make it to season 7, but if we go beyond that it'll be because we have a story to tell," replied Robert, via

"We certainly won't be able to tell the full story of the comics in seven seasons of the show," added Robert.

Indeed it is difficult to cover all the angles that exist in "The Walking Dead" comic books in mere seven seasons. The characters evolve as well as the storyline makes way for more characters. "The Walking Dead" is more than just a zombie show, it has become a zombie drama of sorts with human emotions and ties as backdrop.

While Robert might feel that the show will be lucky to have seven seasons, showrunner Scott Gimple is more positive about the life span of "The Walking Dead."

Scott shared in an interview on "Larry King Now" that "The Walking Dead" can go on for 27 years.

"As a comic book, I don't know if it will end. As a TV show, all TV shows end. But I will say, I think it's possible that it could go on and on and on. I think if it went ten years...if it went longer than that it's possible that the cast, considering the amount of deaths on this cast and everything else, after ten or twelve years, it could shift into a whole new cast," said Scott.

"The Walking Dead" Season 5 airs this October on AMC.

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