'Come & Get It' Released Early: 'Selenators' React to Selena Gomez's Latest Single [PHOTOS & VIDEO]


Selena Gomez has finally released her single "Come & Get It." The song was originally set for release April 8 but was released two days early due to popular demand. With the song currently at the number one spot on iTunes, it is obvious "Selenators" love Selena's new hit. Yet, some aren't too keen on Gomez's new song saying it's a trashy mix. Read all the reviews here.

Former Disney star, Selena Gomez is back in the music scene with her fourth album "Come & Get It." The 20-year old released a lot of teasers for the upcoming album which made her fan base hungry for more. What would fans expect from Selena's latest album? Well, Gomez wanted to "surprise" people in a good way.

"With 'Come And Get It' I wanted to create something fun, sassy, and playful, but unexpected. The song is almost tribal. It's going to surprise people in a good way," stated Selena in a post on Facebook.

By means of "surprise", fans had allegedly claimed that the songs on Selena's fourth album were meant for Justin Bieber. However, producer Jason Evigan clears all that up.

"She didn't really want to talk about the Justin stuff too much in her music. She didn't want to bash him. She never wanted to write songs about him. And I think that's why it's funny 'cause even the song 'Rule the World,' it sounded like afterward, it sounded like it was written about that," stated Evigan.

Getting back on track with "Come & Get It", thankfully, fans didn't have to wait a day longer because the first single had officially made its debut yesterday. Given the amount of people who had been directed to Ryan Seacrest's official website where the song was released, Seacrest's website crashed from all the attention.

"I'm actually kind of excited because you can finally hear it!" said Selena in a quick video message.

While the indi-tribal-like beat struck fans as something new and fresh, some "Selenators" weren't quite too pleased. Some comments were great while some weren't of which may be read below:

"HA ! I knew she will suck. This sounds like rejected song from Kesha, thought she learned how to sing. Guess not lol."

"somebody please stop this girl from making anymore music, this just hurts my ears :S"

"Awesome Song, Really Unexpected and I like it."

Check out the song below and see if "Come & Get It" was worth the wait.

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