Colin Kaepernick Takes Blame for 49ers’ Loss: ‘I Made Too Many Mistakes!’

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49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick has less than a full season under his belt but is already acting like the team's leader. Aside from that, he accepts blame on why the San Francisco 49ers loss at the 47th Super Bowl yesterday in New Orleans.

Despite his strong play throughout the game, Colin Kaepernick is willing to take the heat and the blame for the 49ers defeat at the recently concluded Super Bowl.

"I feel like I made too many mistakes for us to win," Kaepernick said.

Even though the Baltimore Ravens brought home the trophy, it is fair to say that Kaepernick did an equally good playoff performance. But nonetheless, the quarterback seems to be heartbroken about their loss. He even mentioned that the team was struggling to take the lead during the fourth quarter.

"I think that last drive when we got the ball and had time to go down and score a touchdown, we thought it was our game," Colin revealed.

In the end, the 49ers' combined efforts were not enough to win the title. The Baltimore Ravens displayed amazing team performance of offense and defense paired with some good luck. Ravens' Joe Flacco was one of those that surprised the crowd and greatly contributed to the team's victory.

While there were a couple of mistakes that the 49ers made and there are some throws that Kaepernick wished he didn't make, it would be unfair to take the blame on the quarterback. He had a strong game all in all versus a team that was ready to take him down.

Colin Kaepernick was in fact a big reason why the team was able to play at the title game. He was able to transform the offense from good to explosive, which in an instant, made him a fast rising sports athlete.

There are a lot of reasons that have resulted for the 49ers loss but since every good leader would be willing to take the blame, Kaepernick did. His class in the field as well as outside the game arena is truly admirable and deserves applause whether he won or not.

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