Colin Kaepernick: 10 Things You Need to Know About the 49ers Quarterback [PHOTOS]


Colin Kaepernick definitely has what it takes to hit mainstream fame. With the opening of Super Bowl today and with the 49ers against the Ravens, Colin Kaepernick will definitely have a lot of exposure.

Colin Kaepernick is already famous in the sports game but with the attention Super Bowl is getting and their team up against Ravens, he will have have the greatest chance to be a crossover star.

But before he reaches superstardom and before he becomes a Hollywood frenzy, get to know more about the 49ers quarterback before everyone else does.

Back in 2009, he got drafted by the Chicago Cubs but Kaepernick turned the generous offer down because he wanted to play American football. Good choice since, he's now become one of the most searched NFL players.

 He's adopted. Kaepernick grew up in Northern California. His birthmother has been trying to reconnect with him but Colin refused the idea.

He owns a pet tortoise which he named Sammy. Some people might be surprised to know that while most alpha males prefer big dogs, Kaepernick prefers a tortoise.

Kaepernick is covered in tattoos. Some people may become judgmental towards it but Colin said that his body art are all part of his persona.

Although he was considered just the 7th best quarterback during the draft, the 49ers picked him with the 36th overall pick.

He's a shoe addict. Kaepernick is into style and has a massive collection of shoes. He once posted a photo of all his sneaker and shoe collection.

He doesn't say much. Yahoo! reported that the quarterback just averaged on 27 words per answer during press conferences.

He has a meme called "Kaepernicking." A meme was made as trademark move for the quarterback in which he kisses his bicep.

He has a big tattoo across his chest that says "Against All Odds." He may not be referring to the Phil Collins song though.

He's taken, for now. Kaepernick is currently dating model J.Marie. According to Black Sports Online, the two are indeed a couple.

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