Colin Firth on 'Paddington' Movie with Nicole Kidman: 'We've Chosen Conscious Uncoupling' [Watch YouTube Clip]

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Colin Firth made a sad and tough decision when he left the "Paddington" movie he starred with Nicole Kidman.

"After a period of denial we've chosen conscious uncoupling. I've had the joy of seeing most of the film and it's going to be quite wonderful," Firth said in an article from BBC News.

Firth was supposed to voice-over the Peruvian bear but he could not find the right voice for the anthropomorphised animal.

"It's been bittersweet to see this delightful creature take shape and come to the sad realisation that he simply doesn't have my voice," the King's Speech star stated.

The 53-year old actor said that he had the joy of seeing most of the film and that it's going to be wonderful. He also stated that he feels rather protective of the Peruvian bear in the movie that he was pestering the production staff to find a worthy voice for the animal.

The film director Paul King stated that the actor's departure had been good-natured. The director stated that they love the voice and they love the bear but as the young bear came into being, they agreed that the two didn't seem to fit. They decided to part ways with somewhat a heavy heart.

 "I cannot thank [Firth] enough for his contribution to Paddington," King stated.

Paddington would have been Colin Firth and Nicole Kidman's movie together. In the film, Nicole plays the role as an evil museum taxidermist Millicent who has Paddington in her sights.

The Oscar-winning tandem had played the role of a couple in the current "The Railway Man". Colin Firth was the traumatised Eric Lomax while Nicole Kidman played the role of this doting wife.

The stars also played the role of another married couple in the upcoming thriller "Before I Go To Sleep." This time around, Nicole's character is the one who suffered autograde amnesia and forgets who she is each day. Colin's character is the one who takes care of his wife.

Paddington is based from Michael Bond's series of children's books which was first published in 1958. It was a polite a well-mannered children's book series which reflected its British origins.

The film released its first trailer in March and released its second trailer last week. Both trailers did not feature Firth's voice.

Other high-profile stars who also voiced-over in the movie are Julie Walters and Hugh Bonneville as Mr. and Mrs. Brown; Peter Capaldi as Mr. Curry; Julie Walters as Mrs. Bird; and Jim Broadbent as Mr. Gruber.

Paddington opens on Dec. 12, 2014

Watch the trailer of Paddington on YouTube.

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