Coldplay Launches New Album in UCLA, Opening Day Sales Sky Rocket

Break up album set to become band's sixth number 1 release
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Coldplay staged an intimate concert on May 20 to celebrate the release of their new album "Ghost Stories." The event was staged at the Royce Hall and fans flocked to the venue several hours before the show with a good number of them still looking for ways to score a ticket to the sold-out show.

Coldplay's latest album is thought to contain a plethora of break up songs inspired by lead singer and song writer Chris Martin's recent split with actress Gwyneth Paltrow. After a decade of marriage, the two stars announced their decision to split in March this year.

A single ticket was selling online for up to $1,000 and fans were trying their luck with the last minute scalpers on site. High demand for tickets to the show could be an indication of the success of the album although many less than stellar reviews have come out

"'Ghost Stories' is restrained and less grandiose, yet very self-conscious, like the band ist rying to sound different. Chris Martin's pain doesn't make for great breakup songs," says Andrew Romano of The Daily Beast.

"But you can't do what Martin does on much of Ghost Stories, which is assume your pain is resonant just because it's yours. Sure, the singer tells us about the "tattoo" he got that "said 'together through life'" and laments that it "used to be you here beside me," "late night watching TV." But these phrases are too pat to surprise us-to feel suddenly right, as if they've somehow captured a feeling we never quite realized we had," added Romano.

"There's nothing wrong with restraint, but coming from Coldplay, it's a bit like paying to see a famous motivational speaker who's decided to treat his audience to two hours of meditative chimes," says Derek Thompson of The Atlantic and calls it the most forgettable Coldplay album ever.

Despite the scalding reviews, it seems like the album is doing well as can be seen by the long lines outside the launch. At the end of the day, sales will speak for itself. Following its release on May 19, "Ghost Stories" looks to be well on its way to breaking the UK's 2014 sales speed record and racked up the biggest opening day of the year.

Release day sales reached 82,000 units and overtook Paolo Nutini's previous record of 44,000 units.If things stay on course, the band will be on their way to securing a sixth Number 1 Album following previous bestsellers "Parachutes," "A Rush of Blood To The Head," "X&Y," "Viva La Vida or Death and All His Friends," and Mylo Xyloto.

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