Coldplay 'Ghost Stories' Ode To Gwyneth Paltrow

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Coldplay has come out with their new album called "Ghost Stories".  The track listing for the album was announced on March 3, almost three weeks before Chris Martin and wife Gwyneth Paltrow announced their separation. According to ABCnews, "Ghost Stories" is a breakup album that deals with love and loss in generalities rather than specifics. The lyrics of the songs suggest Martin's attempt to escape the ghosts in his path, but never digs too deep to describe his heartache, as it is being surrounded with the digital drone of synthesizers.  

According to a recent BBC radio interview, Chris Martin didn't deny the influence the divorce had on the album, admitting that if "you don't let love in then you can't really give it back." "Ghost Stories" means "you've got to open yourself up to love, and if you really do, of course it will be painful at times, but then it will be great at some point." decoded the lyrics of the album's songs in relation to Chris Martin's divorce from wife Gwyneth Paltrow.

Title: "Always in my head"

"And so my mouth waters to be fed"

This is the opening track that could be a metaphor for Martin's emotional famine after the divorce, or an actual hunger under Gwyneth's strict diet of no gluten.

Title: "True Love"

"And I wish you could have let me know/ What's really going on below ... Tell me you love me/If you don't then lie"

Chris Martin pays reference to Leonard Cohen's sexually charged lyrics to "Hallelujah" before begging his lover for fake affection.  Horny and needy is a not a good combination for Martin's OKCupid profile according to

Title: "Another Arms"

"When the pain just rips right through me/Another's arms another's arms/And that's just torture to me/Another's arms another's arms"

Since the couple had announced their mutual separation, rumours attributed the cause to infidelity on both parties.This track seems to address that rumour, but stops to reveal who is to blame.

Title: "Oceans"

"You've got to find yourself alone in this world/You've got to find yourself alone"

This upbeat lyric toward the end of the album hints at a future discovery where he will no longer "crave" for his past with Gwyneth.

Most of Coldplay's "Ghost Stories" album was created by producer Paul Epworth, who is best known for his Grammy-and-Oscar-winning-work with Adele and Foster the People. "Ghost Stories" has a hint of piano, guitar or percussion, with its soft focus on the words and music likened to a sterile gauze to treat a wounded heart.

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