Coldplay Announce One Day Gig in Australia, Promote Latest Album 'Ghost Stories:' Critics Call it 'Divorce Album' of Chris Martin

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All the Aussie fans of British band Coldplay should just take an off from work on June 19 and book the tickets for the one-off show of the band at Sydney's Enmore theatre. The band will visit Australia to promote their latest album "Ghost Stories," which is called as Chris Martin's "breakup album." The tickets for the exclusive concert are expected to be a sellout.

To prevent any misuse and blackmailing of the tickets, Coldplay's management has decided to make the purchase of tickets limited to just two per person; the announced adding that the "highly personalised tickets" will not be handed out/emailed to the fans until the day of the show.

Coldplay's show is for all age groups and they enjoy massive popularity in Australia. Fans will be disappointed to know that Sydney's Enmore Theatre has a capacity of just 1600. Going by their popularity, Coldplay played to over 200,000 people on its 2012 Australian tour!

The group has yet to announce a full-fledged Australian tour yet. Their latest album "Ghost Stories" has been released in Australia today. The album has been described as lead singer Chris Martin's "divorce album," the Web site reported. The British crooner has recently split with his wife Gwyneth Paltrow and called it "conscious uncoupling."

The album can also be classified as Chris Martin's breakup album.

"For those whose hearts have swelled from Martin's lovelorn proclamations, there are loads of saccharine tidbits of heartbreak and vulnerability throughout Ghost Stories. After all, much has already been made of his and Paltrow's split," writes music critics on

"With this information on many minds, there's a slight urge to delve into the lyrics to scrape together personal details of the separation. But while these lyrics are personal and tear-jerking, they're vague enough to avoid tabloid scrutiny," the Web site added.

Music critic Bernard Zuel from has called "Ghost Stories" as Chris Martin's "heartbreak."

"You would not have to wait long to recognise "Ghost Stories" as almost the quintessential breakup album. Not some bitter slag off of the ex, Gwyneth Paltrow, in the style of Phil Collins or Marvin Gaye but an album of sadness and yearning and real emptiness at the core of this bloke's life; which is in keeping with Chris Martin's more evolved traits," Zuel added.

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