Codemaster's "Grid 2" Features a Lot of Aston Martin Action [Photos and Video]

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Gamers waited five years for the second installment of Codemasters' GRID game. The GRID 2 is putting Codemasters back on track featuring lots of Aston Martin.

Despite speculations on what GRID 2 is all about, the game is as confident as it can get. The glossy TV-style presentation adds to its appeal and offers gamers a cinematic experience. The audio is also fantastic along with its LiveRoutes mechanic.

Much like the Forza Horizon, Codemasters attempted to combine a narrative with single-player career. The player gets to be an up-and-coming racer who participates in the World Series Racing (WSR) competition - nothing better than fulfilling a racer's dream with an Aston Martin.

Aston Martin is built right in the game. Gamers can drive the cars through race simulations. GRID 2 allows people to drive and ride cars they would not otherwise have the chance to drive. These supercars have to six to seven figures.

Aston Martin is part one of Europer's best and established automakers. For those looking for something along the lines of Gaydon or to drive a car within a safe virtual environment then GRID 2 has all the right elements. Codemasters brings to the table what it does best. From an exceptional line of vehicles, the game offers a jam-packed racing experience - plus great Aston Martin selections.

The video shows the V12 Zagato speeding along the virtual environment of GRID 2. Check out the latest photos of Aston Martin from the game as well. 

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