#cockinasock Instagram Campaign Hopes To Raise Testicular Cancer Awareness

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Raising awareness for testicular cancer has never been more titillating. Men on Instagram are taking part in a worldwide event that helps raise awareness of the treatable disease, and they have pictures to show it.

The campaign #cockinasock started in the UK, where some guys hoped to help in raising awareness and funds for testicular cancer by posing completely naked, save for a sock that they strategically placed over their penis.

With jaw-dropping pictures like that, it’s no wonder that the campaign spread quickly. The hashtag campaign has now reached the U.S.

After cancer awareness charity group and research centre, Cancer Research UK, has raised over USD4 million in a matter of days for their #nomakeupselfie campaign, some men thought that they also need to do their share. Hence, the #cockinasock trend was born.

Granted that the men’s campaign is undeniably more risqué than the women’s, but it appears to be working just as well. After all, they needed to raise awareness, and awareness they did raise successfully by their provocative photos. It’s doubtful that the men would be able to reach the same level of success if they also posed their no-makeup selfies.

According to Cancer.org, there are about 8,820 cases of testicular cancer expected to be discovered in the US alone, 380 of those men will die.

The figure in the UK is lower at 2,000. The disease largely affects young and middle-aged men, but can be treated effectively if detected early through self-examination. This is why awareness of the disease is very important.

Here are some Instagram photos of men who have participated in the campaign:

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