CNN Reporter Anderson Cooper Now US Ambassador To The Philippines After Pres. Obama’s Appointment; How True is This?

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Veteran CNN correspondent Anderson Cooper has been reportedly appointed by US President Barrack Obama to be the next US ambassador to the Philippines.

Cooper, the popular host of AC 360, was the first of few international reporters who flew to Tacloban City just hours after Typhoon Yolanda 'Haiyan' left the previously bustling coastal metropolis in complete devastation.

Cooper's coverage of the disaster in Tacloban earned the accolades of Filipinos around the world for his comprehensive reports of the situation. However, the CNN reporter also drew the criticism for what others believed an 'inaccurate reporting.'  

Cooper as New Ambassador

Based on the news circulating in the Internet, the White House has reportedly decided to nominate Cooper as their new ambassador to the Philippines.

There are reports that his main function during his tenure as US Government's chief representative to the country was to oversee the rehabilitation of those municipalities and cities heavily affected by Typhoon Haiyan.

However, Coopers' reported appointment as US Ambassador to the Philippines appears to be just a product by another satarical reporting by Adobe Chronicle.

Adobo Chronicle, which is also the same website that published a story about US protest to change Miss World Megan Young's nationality from Filipino to American, created another viral news that certainly caught the interest of millions of active internet users on social networking sites.

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"In nominating Cooper, Obama said that the CNN journalist is fully qualified for the job and brings with him extensive knowledge and experience with political, social and other issues plaguing foreign governments, including the Philippines."

"Obama said that Cooper has also proven himself to be fearless, independent, and sensitive to the interest and needs of both the U.S. and its long-time ally the Philippines," stated by Adobo Chronicle.

More Than Just an Ambassador

Cooper may not become the US ambassador in the Philippines in the near future, but many already anointed him as an adopted son of the Philippines because of his compassion towards the Filipino people.

Moreover, Cooper hailed Filipinos for incredible resilience and unbreakable spirit after dealing with the worst storm to ever hit the country.

"This week in Tacloban, Samar and Cebu, amidst the hunger and thirst, the chaos and confusion, we've seen the best in the Filipino people. Their strength, their courage - I can't get it out of my mind," Cooper said.

"Imagine the strength it takes for a mother to search alone for her missing kids, the strength to sleep on the street near the body of your child," he said.

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"You've seen people with every reason to despair, the right to be angry, instead find ways to laugh, to love, to stand so up, to move forward. A storm breaks wood and bone, brings hurt and heartbreak" but it cannot break the spirit of a people," the CNN reporter added.

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