Cloud Assumes More Prominence in the Internet of Things

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Cloud computing adoption has been on for the past few years. But a recent Gartner survey said companies deploying cloud are moving on to hybrid cloud.

According to Cloud Computing News, the Gartner survey quoted IT managers wanting a hybrid model which is a mixture of private and public cloud models. This is more pertinent in the backdrop of the expanding universe of the Internet of things (IoT).

Cloud Adoption

The rate of Cloud adoption as in hybrid cloud is set to grow in the coming years. The IoT moves beyond the smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops embracing thousands of devices capable of Internet access and expanding its reach.

Data Surge

The IoT means an exponential increase of devices and transmission of huge data over the Internet.  The emergence of special-purpose clouds will be essential for tackling these connecting devices and machines. They can gather data quickly and perform quick analysis of it with the ability to instantly respond to the devices. This will be the new focus of cloud computing.

The ability to connect with anything will help in operating devices to have more intelligence than machines. These devices will be more intelligent and operate effectively and self-repair themselves.

Microsoft Cloud

In this context, Microsoft's vision of data culture is significant. According to a Cite World reported drafted by Simon Bison, the concept of cloud in Microsoft is driven by the vision of its new CEO Satya Nadella's. It is all about ubiquitous computing and ambient intelligence. This kind of cloud variant will handle the complexity and enormity of all smart endpoints to deliver data for analysis and use those analytics to make decisions.  

Azure Cloud Platform

The tools required to capture and analyze the data will need a certain scale. The Microsoft's Azure cloud platform offers to capture and analyze such data. That is why Azure service and the Azure Intelligent Systems Service by Microsoft are the backbones of IoT, the article observed.

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