Click Frenzy’s Meltdown, a Win for Most Retailers

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Click Frenzy's website may have crashed due to the surge of consumers wanting to get first dibs on discounted products, and may have lost patrons along the way, but the real winners here were the retailers themselves prepared to serve online consumers .

When the website of "Australia's first landmark online sales event" bonked down a minute after it opened shop Tuesday night, consumers took no time to idle and instead went directly to the website of the online retailers and those establishments with online sales.

''We did phenomenal figures and we were very happy with it,'' Jane Mance of Windsor Smith, a wholesale footwear retailer, was quoted by The Sydney Morning Herald. ''We got what we would normally get in a month in one night as far as unique visitors to our website, and I have to contribute that to Click Frenzy.''

According to Ms Mance, unique visitors that went to Windsor's site on Click Frenzy Tuesday night alone reached six-digit figures.

''We had around 200 per cent more customers than usual,'' Benedict Brook, Woolworths spokesman, said. Woolworths participated in the event with two of its brands, Dan Murphy's and Masters Home Improvements. When the Click Frenzy website became unavailable, Woolworths saw costumers eventually taking interest in its other brands as well.

Even Myers reported getting ironically pleased with the failure of the "online event of the year." 

"We transacted significantly higher than usual online sales with our biggest online day ever,'' a spokesman told AAP.

"We were very pleased with the customer traffic through to our online site during the Click Frenzy event."

Even regular priced items were snapped off the racks of these retailers during the Click Frenzy website meltdown.

''Even the day before, we were getting incredible sales on our full-price items. Last night, our full-price items sold neck-to-neck with our sale items," Ms Mance said.

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