Cleveland Kidnapping Documentary to Premier on June 5

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Investigation Discovery or ID, a cable channel known for true-crime documentaries will feature the kidnappings of Amanda Berry, Gina de Jesus and Michelle Knight on June 5 at 8 pm, Plain Dealer reported. The documentary is titled "House of Horrors: Kidnapped in Cleveland" and will tackle heads-on the horror that surround Ariel Castro's Seymour Avenue home.

 Investigation Discovery tagged the "House of Horrors: Kidnapped in Cleveland" as one of its "instamentaries." "Instamentaries" means "quick turnaround specials about breaking news stories".

 According to Investigation Discovery's official Web site, "House of Horrors: Kidnapped in Cleveland" tells the chilling story of the three young women imprisoned for 11 years. Investigating how Amanda Berry, Georgina "Gina" de Jesus and Michelle Knight were kidnapped and trapped for years in an unassuming residential Cleveland neighborhood, this one-hour specials unravels the psychology of how these men succeeded in persuading the women to live with them, asks why they did not try to escape earlier, and examines the long-term effects of the trauma on the trio. Through new footage, news coverage, interviews with neighbors, family, expert psychologists, criminologists and previous kidnapping victims, Investigation Discovery reveals the terror on Seymour Avenue."

 Investigation Discovery said that the chilling vibe and seemingly still lurking horror echoed by Ariel Castro's house inspired the title of the one-hour documentary, "When police arrived at the home where Berry had been held captive, the scene was one out of a horror movie and something that would leave even the most seasoned investigators shaken. Investigation Discovery explores the developments in the case so far..."

 The interview with some crime experts in the documentary aimed to "dissect the psychological dichotomy of suspect Ariel Castro, as friends and neighbors of Castro describe personal experiences with him over the years, including even having been in the house while the women were chained up in the basement."

 Investigation Discovery President Henry Schleiff said, "Following the success of our recent "instamentaries" on Jodi Arias and Oscar Pistorius, ID turns investigative focus to a story that has shaken the world and continues to capture our attention even weeks later. Investigation Discovery is the definitive home for in-depth documentaries on cases making headlines today, and House of Horrors gives viewers a comprehensive look at a tragic - and eventually, heroic - story even as it continues to develop."

 The show's executive producers are Guy Davies and Dianna Sperranza.

 "House of Horrors: Kidnapped in Cleveland" is co-produced by Britain's Channel 5 network. A version of the documentary titled "Ohio Slave Girls" was already aired in the United Kingdom.

 About Investigation Discovery:

 Investigation Discovery (ID) is the leading mystery-and-suspense network on television and America's favorite "guilty pleasure. From harrowing crimes and salacious scandals to the in-depth investigations and heart-breaking mysteries that result, ID challenges our everyday understanding of culture, society and the human condition. ID delvers the highest-quality ptogramming to 83.5 million US households with viewer favorites that include On the Case with Paula Zahn, Homicide Hunter, LT. Joe Kenda, Who the (Bleep) Did I Marry, Dates from hell, Stalked, Someone's Watching and Redrum.

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