Cisco Acquires Cloud App Provider Assemblage

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The tech circles have taken a special note of Cisco when it announced the buyout of Assemblage, a collaboration app provider on Internet-of-Everything.

This was Cisco's second acquisition in June. It bought Tail-f Systems, making software layer that allows network administrators to manage a wide range of networking devices through a single interface.

Cloud-based Collaboration

Assemblage is a company that offers cloud-based collaboration platforms usable on a Web browser without the need for any downloads, plugins or installations. The platform also delivers collaboration apps for whiteboarding, screensharing and presentation broadcasting from the cloud. Users can work together in 40 different file types.


Assemblage's experience in integrating third-party cloud ecosystem applications such as Box and Google is famous. The acquisition is expected to usher in a close alignment to Cisco's strategy and commitment to interoperability. Cisco looks at Assemblage to function as its asset in its ongoing Internet-of-Everything strategic plan.

Market Transition

Collaboration technology gives the ability to work together anywhere in any device and any point of time. With smartphones and tablets becoming pervasive enterprise collaboration is a must to deliver high-quality voice and video. Also, online sharing with any device working on any platform is an eventuality.

Great Support

Assemblage's support is humongous for Cisco in terms of one-click browser-to-browser configurations sans any downloads or installations. In the blog of Hilton Romanski, senior vice president of Cisco, it noted Assemblage's products that can support at least 40 different file types for Cisco portfolio.


Assemblage has offices in San Francisco and Copenhagen. Its engineering team will get integrated with Cisco's Collaboration Technology Group on Web development in the coming weeks. Assemblage is set to add more value to Cisco's Collaboration Technology Group and accelerate innovation to develop next-generation solutions. 

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