Cigar-shaped UFO Filmed Shooting Lightning, Report Claims Some Russians Believe Meteor Strike Could Have Been UFO [PHOTO,VIDEO]

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A cigar-shaped UFO was filmed shooting lightning over a building in a location left unidentified by the video uploader. Meanwhile in Russia, a report has surfaced that many Russians were looking into different explanations for the meteorite strike on Feb. 15.

UFO Sighting: Cigar-shaped UFO filmed shooting lightning

"A UFO was caught on tape during a thunderstorm. In this footage, you can see what appears to be some type of disc shaped craft hovering in the lightning of the storm. At the end of the video the object can be seen moving further in the distance as the lightning lights up the sky. You decide!" YouTube user looknowtv posted in the video description.

It appears some UFO watchers consider it not a shocking news to see an unidentified flying object shooting a lightning or appearing so close to a lightning strike in the sky.

"Real. I've captured plenty making lightning. Please see Part 7 of my series. We are in for a big surprise," comments IndustrialSurrealism.

Scroll down for the UFO video, see what you can make of the lightning and the odd object in the night sky.

Russian meteor strike: UFO or God's message?

Meanwhile in Russia, a Moscow daily called "Noviye Izvestia" surveyed its readers to find out other strange beliefs about the meteor that struck Chelyabinsk nearly two weeks ago.

The survey showed 50 per cent of Noviye Izvestia readers believe a meteorite - and nothing else - created the shockwave that shattered windows and shocked adult and children on Feb. 15.

"The other half prefer to believe in an assortment of bizarre explanations," reports These bizarre explanations include an extraterrestrial spacecraft (UFO), a secret US weapons test, and an extraterrestrial Trojan horse-style break-in, among others. Some others think the meteorite itself was a message from God.

"Our people remember the Soviet past, when news of disasters was concealed or lied about," Alexei Grazhdankin, deputy director of the Moscow polling agency Levada Center, was quoted by ZeeNews.

VIDEO: UFO filmed during thunderstorm


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