Ciara Pregnant: How Rapper Future Accidentally Revealed Baby Gender?

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Ciara and her fiancé rapper Future have managed to keep their baby's gender a secret until he accidentally revealed they're expecting a baby boy.

Future dropped by Tim Westwood to chat about his album entitled, "Honest," his musical projects in the future and how it was working with DJ Khaled and Drake. In the middle of the interview, he also talked about Ciara and how his pregnant fiancée has been changing the house for the baby.

The rapper avoided questions about the baby's gender until he went on about how the baby has started listening to his music.

"Ciara sent me a video of the headphones on her tummy. The baby listened to 'Turn on the Lights.' The version with me and you," Future said. He continued and accidentally referred the baby as "he" and "him." "I said 'He gotta... You gotta play that anytime for him, the new one you did. Let him hear that. See how he kick."

Future realized he made a mistake and Ciara will either laugh it off or be disappointed.

"You got the sex out of me and you did not even know it," Future told the host.

Later, Future will try to confuse Westwood and refer to his baby as "she" but it has already been given away.

"I know the sex of my baby but again I want to keep it special as well," Ciara said in a previous interview with People. She said she was not very far away from giving birth but still wanted to keep the gender a secret.

Ciara has been proudly showing off her baby bump on Instagram and many are speculating that the self-proclaimed "Team Player" may be having a boy because of her cryptic caption and sporty style.

"#TeamPlayer! Yeah!:) Feeling good 2day. Ready for the world! Babybee!" the 28-year-old "Body Party" singer wrote with a photo of her putting on a pose in a sweatsuit.

"It is really a blessing. It is the most exciting time of my life. I am really excited like a little kid," Ciara recently revealed.

"I had a preference before I found out what it was. It was a bit different than what I thought but Future got what he wanted."

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