Chuck Palahniuk's ‘Fight Club’ Sequel in Comic Books

Welcome Back, Tyler Durden
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“The first rule of fight club is -- you don't talk about fight club. The second rule of fight club is – you don't talk about fight club,” so says Tyler Durden.

Chuck Palahniuk actually broke Durden’s rules already when he allowed director David Fincher to adapt his book “Fight Club” (1996) into a movie with the same title in 1999 starring Brad Pitt and Edward Norton.

Palahniuk is set to break Durden’s rules again after giving the comic book rights to Dark Horse Comics, which plans to make a 10-issue comic book series based on the bestseller, according to USA Today.

Unlike the movie, this one is not going to be an adaptation of the first book but a sequel to both. Like the book, Palahniuk will write the ten-part series.

Cameron Stewart, whose drawings appeared in Catwoman, Batman and Robin, The Other Side and Seaguy among others comic books, will illustrate the “Fight Club 2” graphic novels.

USA Today also described a part of the plot of the “Fight Club” sequel:

“Fight Club 2 takes place alternately in the future and the past. It picks up a decade after the ending of his original book, where the protagonist is married to equally problematic Marla Singer and has a 9-year-old son named Junior, though the narrator is failing his son in the same way his dad failed him.”

The author also confirmed that this main story arc would be featured in the comic books much the same way that it was shrewdly front and center in the book/movie:

“The original book was "such a tirade against fathers — everything I had thought my father had not done combined with everything my peers were griping about their fathers,” said Palahniuk in the same article.

“Now to find myself at the age that my father was when I was trashing him made me want to revisit it from the father's perspective and see if things were any better and why it repeats like that."

The 1999 Fight Club movie was considered a flop at the box office. Despite the nihilistic and anti-authority undertone, Palahniuk’s book and movie achieved cult status and the author gained cult following nonetheless.

Other Palahniuk’s works include Invisible Monsters (1999), Choke (2001), and Rant (2007) among many others.

“Shut up. Our fathers were our models for God. And, if our fathers bailed, what does that tell us about God?” so says Tyler Durden in the first “Fight Club”

Based on the recent clues by the author, it appears Palahniuck will be back questioning authority and even, existence—albeit by an older Tyler Durden making up rules and asking questions this time around.

The first issue of the “Fight Club 2” in comics will be released on April 8, 2015.

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