Chuck and Blair Married: Ed Westwick and Leighton Meester Lock Lips on ‘Gossip Girl’ [PHOTOS]

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It was the final deal that had to be made before Gossip Girl ends. Leighton Meester and Ed Westwick lock lips as their characters Blair and Chuck are finally married.

For the final episode of their last season, Gossip Girl had to do it right and give it to all the Chair fans. Finally, the moment they were all waiting for arrived, wedding bells for Chuck Bass and Blair Waldorf.

There were new images that surfaced of Chuck and Blair's nuptials. The couple was seem locking lips as Chuck, played by Ed Westwick, dipped his bride for a romantic kiss.

Ed and Leighton play the characters of on and off couple Chuck and Blair. Upper East Side's socialites who had to make a couple of wrong turns before ending up together.

In the photo, the couple was surrounded by other casts including Blake Lively, Kelly Rutherford, Chace Crawford. Standing on the other side was Chuck's love rival Dan Humphrey who was played by Penn Badgley.

Dressed in a light blue fully beaded gown, Leighton Meester makes a beautiful bride. The young actress also completed her look with a silver leaf headdress. Ed on the other hand was wearing a cream suit that to match Leighton's dress.

"I think it's ending at a beautiful, perfect time. It's been an amazing tool to learn from, and I owe pretty much everything... to Gossip Girl," Leighton said about the ending of Gossip Girl. "But I could say, somewhat, [that] it's my personal growth that has made me want to move beyond it."

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