Chromebook vs Netbook: Which Is Better?

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Google just announced the release of the Samsung Chromebook along with new ambitions to spread its browser-based, cloud-focused Chrome OS laptop. Google envisions it to be as an extra machine in the house or as a laptop for students.

Chromebook or Netbook: The Difference

Chromebook is a laptop running Chrome OS by Google, while Netbook runs Windows OS. Some varieties of laptops are running Android OS or similar device under iOS.

The Samsung Series 5 12.1" 3G Wireless Chromebook is an example of this new device in the market. It runs Chrome OS with Intel Celeron Processor 867 and has a clock speed of up to 1.3GHz. Compared to Windows OS, this processor is way too low to perform higher applications or multitasking required similar to Windows OS.

This Chromebook has 12.1" screen size and an LED WXGA type with 1280x800 resolution and SuperBright Technology. The display offers basic multimedia functions. It can handle streaming full screen videos at 720p. The disadvantage would be for HD videos because lags and skipping may occur and the in-depth colour appears dull. For the audio, 4w Stereo Speakers are available but has no digital enhancement to improve sound quality during volume increase. So the output may produce some banging and cracking sounds.

The Series 5 Chromebook has 4GB standard system memory and 16GB hard disk with SSD type RPM. The RAM is too high compared to its processor which delivers more capability to multitask, but may slow down processing if too many high graphics are running. Netbooks usually have dual-core processors and 2GB of RAM to give the balance of functions.

When it comes to graphics, the Chromebook has only Intel HD Graphics, and it is also a shared graphics memory. This is basically okay for web browsing and flash games.

The Chromebook has 1MP HD webcam for video chatting applications and photo capturing. Connectivity includes Wi-Fi, 3G functions, 2 USB v2.0, headphone out, mic in, and multicard slot.

The inevitable conclusion is that the Chromebook functions fully for web browsing. Additional applications can be downloaded from Chrome Browser, but unlike Windows, users cannot use other browsers they may like or even applications that aren't designed with Chrome OS. The boot up time varies and may be slow compared to Netbooks.

Generally, this device is for students or kids who want to have entertainment online, play games with less graphics such as flash games, and research needed for school or work, but nothing more complicated.

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