Christopher Lloyd, Tony Hawk Make ‘Back to the Future’ Hoverboards Look Real In Viral Video; But is it Just an Elaborate Hoax? [VIDEO]

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Internet is abuzz with a new viral video that surfaced online recently. The video makes famous hoverboards from "Back to the Future Part 2" look oh-so-real or that they are close to become reality. This viral video stars 80s sci-fi trilogy hero Christopher Lloyd who played Doc Brown and other celebs like legendary skateboarder Tony Hawk, musician Moby and former NFL star Terrell Owens.

The video was released by a company called HUVr Tech and it looked as if the video gone viral is launched to promote their latest product a real-life hoverboard. HUVr's video shows how celebs like Christopher Lloyd, Tony Hawk are enjoying their ride on the hoverboard, putting the new mode of transportation to test. The company has also launched a Web site for the product that allows you to customize hoverboard according to your liking. Company Web site states that development of hoverboard started as a summer project by students at the MIT Physics Graduate Program.

Ever since the video surfaced online, several questions have aroused. And it is revealed that the viral video is just an elaborate hoax and hoverboards remain to be farfetched dream for mankind.

Buzzfeed revealed that behind the genius viral video that convincingly fooled "Back to the Future" fans is the work of Funny or Die. It is a comedy video Web site, according to Wikipedia. The truth was revealed when a costume designer/ wardrobe stylist updated her resume online and mentioned about being the part of the shooting of this video. The resume has been deleted from the internet but cache copy on internet revealed the truth.

Several media outlets are arguing the purpose behind the launch of such a video which has truly made everyone dreaming of a hoverboard ride. CTV News speculates, can development of technology which appears so revolutionary for transport industry could be an invention of a company which is unheard of until the video went viral, still keeping it low profile. More theories on the internet claim that this could be an attempt to promote "Back to the Future IV."

For more reported that Funny or Die recently apologized for the hoax that went viral instantly after the hoverboard video was posted on You on Monday, March 3, 2014. Also, Doc Brown (Christopher Lloyd) of "Back to the Future" trilogy finally admitted that the hoverboard video is not real but a hoax in the apology video by Funny or Die as posted by them on Twitter. Click HERE to watch the apology video by Funny or Die.

Watch the HUVr Tech's hoverboard video featuring Christopher Lloyd, Tony Hawk, Terrell Owens, below:


Credit: HUVrTech


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