Christopher Lane Murder Update: Killed By 3 Bored Teens And Other Facts To Know

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Facebook/R.I.P. Christopher Lane

Australian baseball player Christopher Lane was only 22 when he was gunned down on Aug 16 right outside Oklahoma City. Also known by the nickname Chris, he was a star athlete in a U.S.-based college ball team and looks forward to starting a promising career ahead.

The cause of his death shocked the entire online world when three young teenagers emerged as suspects who allegedly killed the athlete just for the mere fun of it.

As a follow up update on the Chris Lane Murder case, here are more facts discovered along the way:

Mr Lane was just jogging on Country Club Road in Duncan, Oklahoma, and was suddenly found lying faced down with a revolver bullet right around the lower part of his back. Reports said that he passed away an hour after he was rushed to the nearest local hospital. But according to a local resident, they tried to apply CPR on the victim and yet Mr Lane passed away right there on the street.

The suspected three teenagers were named as Michael Jones, 17; Chancey Luna, 16; and James Edwards, 15. According to an Associated Press tweet, Luna and Edwards are charged with murder at first degree while Jones is deemed as an accessory to the crime. According to the 17-year-old suspect, they were just bored and so "decided to kill somebody." In a Vine video, Edwards was seen playing with the camera as he flaunts a giant rifle. Edwards was also discovered to have posted racist tweets against white people on April 29 before the shooting happened.

In Jones' statement, he said that they followed the jogger as they rode a car and it was Luna who shot the athlete right in the back before they all drove off. In yet another Vine video, some of their actions and gestures suggest their possible affiliation with the popular Crip street gang.

Chris Lane was in Oklahoma to visit his long-time girlfriend, Sarah Harper, whom he was dating for four years. The Aussie athlete is under a baseball scholarship in East Central University. He had an impressive betting average of .250.

The young athlete's father made a touching speech on Saturday, highlighting his son's love for his girlfriend, politics and baseball. The young victim had plans of settling in the U.S. to pursue a career in the real estate industry.

In line with this case, the former deputy prime minister of Australia, Tim Fischer, made criticisms on the National Rifle Association and even requested Aussies to think twice before going to the U.S. This is their way of putting pressure on Congress to make further action plan on gun control.

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