Christmas 2013: Charlie Sheen Sends Hateful Messages to Ex-Wives, Child Protection Services on Christmas Eve

Fans React in Defense of Actor’s Former Spouses, Slam Sheen’s Nasty Christmas Messages
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Charlie Sheen does not like spending Christmas without his children one bit. The “Anger Management” star has lashed out in public against his ex-wives and child protection services office for allegedly not giving him access to his children on Christmas eve.

He took to Twitter to send his message across his ex-wives using a photo and a table full of pictures of his children. He captioned the photo with: "This is as close I get to my children on Xmas?”

Using initials to name his ex-wives and the child protection office, Sheen then continued saying, "B, D, and DCFS go ph-- urse elves."

Sheen was married to Brooke Mueller and Denise Richards and he has children with both of them. But not is all hate from the former “Two and a Half Men” star.

Sounding like still in good terms with high school sweetheart, Paula Profit, whom he has a daughter, Cassandra Jade Estevez, Sheen tweeted: "Except CJ, her mom is an angel!”

The New York Daily News noted that Sheen also shared hateful message to the Department of Child and Family Services. The DCFS noted NYDN is at the center of the custody battle Sheen has been haggling against his former spouses.

Sheen even mentioned Denise Richards and Phil Robertson in a separate tweet, urging a union for both of them.

Sheen said, "I came up with a PERFECT holiday idea! Denise and Phil Robertson should get married! Then he can practice the Beastiality he hates!"

Denise however, was quick to appeal to Sheen to refrain from lashing out in public for their children.

"@charliesheen U done ranting?" said Richards, according to NYDN in a tweet the actress deleted after posting it on Monday, before adding, "Keep it classy dude. Our kids don't need to be privy to this. U are welcome 2 spend xmas w/us. Hope u still come,” Richards was quoted as saying by NYDN.

But Sheen has all hatred to share on holidays.

"No kids on Xmas!" Sheen ranted in a tweet he posted on Christmas Eve. "Can I unwrap the gifts this kangaroo sukk, pig circus court gave me now? Thanks B&D. Enjoy my hate!"

Internet users express dismay over Sheen’s anger and hatred he shared on social media.

One with a username, SSMYTH posted a comment on the article published by the New York Daily News, pointing out that Sheen does not have the “custody of his twin boys…but he and his addicted ex-wife cannot be trusted.”

The fan also noted that the actor should be more grateful to Denise for looking after his children.

SSMYTH said, “he should be thanking ex-wife Denise for caring for his twins (and the two daughters he has with her) instead of cursing her out. This is one mentally ill, angry guy who seems to be able to make a lot of money, despite his deviant lifestyle. Finally, he shouldn't comment on anyone else's life (ex: Phil Robertson) until he gets his own life together.”

Sidney Rose supported SSMYTH’s comment, adding she would not entrust even her dog to sheen, raising concerns of the actor’s mental state.

“I wouldn’t trust him to watch my dog for five minutes. His mental state is questionable and he’s definitely not qualified to judge what’s in the best interest of any child, or adult for that matter. The article doesn't say, but it’s possible the children’s guardians would be agreeable to him visiting them at their homes, but probably wouldn't be too pleased if his freak entourage came with him,” said Rose, according to the NYDN.

Sheen has five children from and had been married three times. His first daughter, Cassandra Jade Estevez with high school sweetheart, Paula Profit was born in 1984. He first got married in 995 with Donna Peele but they never had children until they split in 1996.

Six years later, Sheen married actress, Denise Richards in 2002. They have two daughters, Sam and Lola Sheen. Richards filed for divorce in March 2005 finalized in November 2006.

Not long after Sheen was divorced from Richards, he married Brooke Mueller in May 2008. He and Brooke have twin sons, Bob and Max, (4 years old). Richards has reportedly been looking after his children with Mueller, known for the Florida socialite’s history for addiction. Sheen allegedly got furious when the court granted guardianship of his children with Brooke to the actress’s brother and not the actor.

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