Christina Aguilera Engaged on Valentine’s Day to Matt Rutler

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Christina Aguilera got engaged on Valentine's Day. It must have been really special as she poetically broke the news on Twitter. She shared a photo where her hand is seen with an engagement ring in the finger. The "engaged" hand of Ms Aguilera is holding the hand of the one who presumable gave her the ring. She wrote in the caption of the photo: "He asked and I said ...".

The ring looks "enormous", according to TMZ which reported that the guy named Matt Rutler who stole Ms Aguilera's heart in such a way that she got engaged to her was her production assistant. She reportedly met him during the shoot of the 2010 movie called "Burlesque". Mr Rutler used to work as the production assistant at the sets of the movie.

When the two became a couple after Ms Aguilera had been divorced, many presumed that the relation between a production assistant and a diva would not last long. However, putting all the idle assumptions to rest the couple has been living together for three years. Now, they are engaged with each other.

The 33-year-old pop diva started dating Mr Rutler while she was parting ways with Jordan Bratman, her ex-hubby whom she has a son with. Her son is now six. Ms Aguilera's claim to fame was her self-titled album which was released in 1999. Last time she had an album released was in 2012. The title of the album was "Lotus."

According to New York Daily News, Ms Aguilera confessed her love for Mr Rutler when she appeared on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show." It was back in November 2010 when she declared that Mr Rutler was the love of her life. She also claimed that she adored him. Ms Aguilera seemed to be in awe of Mr Rutler's character. The very fact that he is a happy person is the most important thing, according to her.

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