Christie Brinkley Reveals Secret to Staying Young and In Shape at the Age of 60

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The popular 70s model Christie Brinkley still looks young as ever, even at the age of 60. The American model known for being the face of CoverGirl cosmetics brand for as long as 25 years, recently adorned the cover page of People magazine. The model, who will turn 60 on Feb. 2, still looks youthful and in shape.

Christie Brinkley holds the record of being the only model who gained the longest running contract with a cosmetics brand. She also covered Sports Illustrated for issues through three consecutive years, from 1979 to 1981.  

While posing for the cover page of People magazine, she looks stunning in a turquoise swim suit that shows off her curves and well toned body that fits into a size 27 of jeans.  

While posing in a swimsuit for the magazine at the age close to sixty, she told the magazine that her "kids would be so embarrassed," as quoted by

She revealed that in private she may adorn a bikini, but she prefers a bathing suit when visiting a public beach accompanied by her children. She has three kids- Alexa Ray Joel, 28, Jack Brinkley-Cook, 18, and Sailor Brinkley-Cook, 15-- and has been married four times.

In her latest appearance on the cover page of the People magazine, model Christie Brinkley also revealed her secrets to remain young and in shape, reported

One of her secrets to stay looking young is to workout daily and making it a fun practice. She revealed that one must have fun while working out. She has been experimenting with various workout techniques. She exercised through SoulCycle in the summers and practiced yoga during Christmas vacation. She also dished out that she does leg lifts while brushing her teeth in mornings.

The Web site reports, that she believes in three meals a day regimen. She starts her mornings with coffee and coconut milk hazelnut creamer and then she takes sheep's milk yogurt with fruit, wheat germ and Anutra. And her lunch consists of leftovers from dinner including veggies like beans. Her healthy snacking habits include intake of melon and walnuts and substituting her urge for sweet food with cold coconut water.

The secret of her glowing skin is exfoliating every day. Lastly, she believes in accepting the inevitable process of ageing. She says that at this age she does whatever she feels like and she is "excited about turning 60," quoted Daily Mail.  

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