Christian Grey vs Gideon Cross: 5 Hottest Actors Who Can Play Either Role

Fifty Shades of Grey Movie Update:
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Christian Grey fans and readers of "Fifty Shades" by E.L. James are now moving on to the "Crossfire" series by Sylvia Day. Some are curious; others just need something Fifty-shades-like to read. Thus, there is a growing fan base for the Crossfire hero named Gideon Cross.

Gideon Cross is becoming more popular each day. It won't be surprising if Cross, like Christian Grey, would come alive in theatres, too. There is no official casting update yet on who will play Mr Grey. On the other hand, Day has not yet mentioned any rights-selling of her work to a film outfit. Fans are still free to raise suggestions on who should play Grey or Cross.

Just for fun, are there actors who can play the role of either Christian Grey or Gideon Cross?

Bear in mind that Grey and Cross belong to the same age group (under-30s). Both are troubled billionaires with dark, emotional baggages. Both are demigods of sex appeal, probing eyes, and enigma. Certainly, a hundred of good actors fit the bill. Having noted "good," the subtle differences between Grey and Cross must be acted out by the actors themselves.

'Start' the accompanying slideshow to see 10 of today's hottest, most stunning actors who will look great as either Christian Grey or Gideon Cross on film.

'Fifty Shades' and 'Crossfire:' What about the ladies?

Grey falls for fresh college graduate Anastasia Steele, Cross is with fellow billionaire Eva Tramell. The other is meek, gullible and easily confused. The latter is volatile, edgier and -- while slightly older - sexier. (In our next story, we name which hot, gorgeous actress can play Ana, Eva, and both.)

The Crossfire series comes in three servings: Bared to You (June 2012), Reflected in You (October 2012), and Entwined with You (expected May 2013).

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