Chris Daughtry Releases New Track “Waiting For Superman” on iTunes, Album Title Out (LISTEN)

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The much-awaited new song "Waiting For Superman" from Chris Daughtry and his group was released.

It has been awhile we heard from Daughtry and his band, well, almost two years now. The band released a new single from their upcoming fourth studio album "Baptized." The new single, "Waiting For Superman," consists of Daughtry's signature rock arrangement with elements of pop tunes to build up the song. The song, indeed, gives a taste of the forthcoming album.

Sam Hollander and Martin Johnson have co-written "Waiting For Superman," they are the one behind "Acapella" by Karmin. Johnson was also involved in the production of this single.

Talking about the song, Daughtry paints the image of a lonely girl eagerly waiting for her Superman to come. Well, the Superman is at the laundry mat washing his cape. The chorus is rather cheesy with words that goes, "She's dancing with strangers/falling apart/waiting for Superman/to pick her up in his arms."

Chris Daughter is a phenomenal storyteller and his ability to hook the listener is what makes him one of the finest rock musicians in the industry. His vocals in the single features his trademark vocal styles and will be welcomed by his fan base.

The rocker revealed the title of his forthcoming album via Twitter.

"In light of our new musical direction, it feels like a 'rebirth' of our band in many ways. Therefore the new album is officially titled...BAPTIZED," Chris tweeted.

So far, Chris and his band, Daughtry, have released three albums that stayed on the Top 10 chart for a good amount of time. The first two, "Daughtry" and "Leave This Town," were earned the platinum status. The band's first nine singles went straight to No. 1 on adult pop chart.

The new album "Baptized" will be out Nov. 19.

Listen to "Waiting For Superman" and let us know your views about it. 

Video: YouTube/Daughtry Vevo

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